Full Life Transformation Programme

8 Sessions

2 Hours per session

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About The Full Transformation Programme

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts becomes your words, Your words become your actions,
Your actions becomes your habits, Your habits becomes your character, Your character becomes your destiny”

Mahatma Gandhi

We are the Captains of our own ships. If we keep functioning on auto-pilot we are doing ourselves a disservice. It is time to take back the wheel and steer yourself to Abundance.

The saying goes, "If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting".  Don't you think it is time to change.

This Program will eliminate all limiting or negative beliefs, inner conflict, negative and dibilitating emotions that hold you back from living the life that you truly deserve and were destined to enjoy. Abundance, prosperity and good health is your portion. Do not settle for anything less.

The following processes will be covered in the programme.

  • Eliciting your values
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Setting Achieving System
  • Powerful Life Questions
  • Life changing principles
  • Understanding your Subconscious Mind
  • Driver Focus Filters (The main driver of your Internal Focus)
  • Inner Conflict Therapy
  • Negative Emotional Therapy
  • Removing Limiting/Negative Beliefs
  • Installing New Empowering Beliefs
  • Anxiety Eliminator
  • Boost Self Love
  • Start Taking Action
  • Transform Self-Image (Change the story you tell yourself)

Professional Coaching

The programmes used by P2B are well defined and documented. It is also accredited by various organisations. If you are prepared to do anything to create a life beyond your imagination then this coaching is where you should be.

Flexible time

Although we suggest that the programme be completed within two months, at most, we do accomodate flexible hours, depending on availability. The benefit of repetition based on a specific interval cannot however be denied.

Creating Abundance

We have been granted the ability to create our reality. If we experience anything less than abundance in every area of our life, we need to change our confession (our words), to change our reality. I am reminded that Scripture tells us that the Power of death and life lies in the tongue. So lets use the right words to create the right reality.

Your Coach

When you are coached by me you will experience breakthroughs in your Personal, Business Lives and even improved Relationships. Utilising some amazing techniques and programmes we will get you to function at your optimum level and beyond.

Cobus van Loggerenberg

Cobus has vast experience in Business, Sales, Coaching and Personal development. His passion in life is to help people attain their Life's vision so that they can live out their dreams and potential.

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